Good Skill!


Good Skill! ✏️

Platformer Game (Java / Swing / AWT)

Good Skill is a platformer game I created with Java, Swing, and AWT, that incorporates object oriented programming concepts. You play as a student during an all-nighter using ink and a pencil to defeat your assignments!

I also designed and illustrated the pixel art for backgrounds and sprites using Aseprite.

Check it out here in my github repo !


Menu Starting Screen Background
Win Screen Background
User failure screen when they fall into a 'hole of procrastination'
User failure screen when they are defeated by assignments
Background moving image during level
Player/student sprite sheet
Computing enemy assignment sprite sheet
Folder enemy assignment sprite sheet
Writing enemy assignment sprite sheet
Coffee (healing potion) sprite sheet
Ink Blob sprite sheet
Enemy splat/destruction sprite sheet
Head's up display (HUD) displaying the user's hit points and charge for ink blobs
Tileset sprite sheet for level